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Our Services

We help you to find your ideal candidate, or to take the next step in your career.
HR Consulting

You are planning the assignment of a new
manager for an existing or new business
area. The previous job holder leaves the
company for whatever reasons, or the
position has to be filled for the first time.
The matter may be very discreet because
no one is supposed to know about it yet.
The new manager should be professionally
qualified in a certain way and also have a
certain authority or charisma. The
personnel department is very busy and
perhaps they do not have the qualifications
required to identify suitable candidates.
Perhaps you simply need a neutral,
professional view from outside. We can
provide this.

HR Management

You won't find the personality you
are looking for on the labour market
because there are just a few of them
and, owing to the specific applicant
behaviour, not many will contact
you. You have already placed job
advertisements, but unfortunately
too much time has passed and you
have not yet found the right person.
You are neither in a position to pick
up the phone yourself and poach
from your competitors. But we can!

Interim Management

You are planning a new project such as an
IPO, split/separation, spin-off, merger, sale
of a company or partial sale or acquisition
of companies/sections of companies.
Perhaps you need a process analysis to
streamline and make it more efficient or
you want to set up a new plant/branch. Or
someone has simply left the company or
is on parental leave and you need
temporary support. For all this cases, we
can provide you with suitable
interim/project managers or highly
qualified specialists. If required, we can
also put together project teams.

What's the procedure?

You currently have a lot of positions
to fill, but you don't want to hire new
recruiters or hire a recruitment
agency. We can provide to you
additional HR support for a certain
period of time. Billing is based on
agreed daily rates


You have a long-standing employee
in a management position, from
whom you would like to part with
for various reasons. It simply no
longer fits, but you would like to
make the separation in a fair way.
The good reputation of the
company is also at stake. You would
therefore like to part in peace and
avoid bad evaluations in life and on
the Internet.

Our recruiting disciplines are:


  • Placement of job advertisements via various agencies in suitable exchanges

  • Company's database

  • External databases

  • A lot of personal contacts

  • Direct approach, direct search, executive search


However, a deciding factor for a successful search is the feeling and experience of which people fit together!

We work as part of an exclusive mandate or on a fee basis.          Why?

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