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Wake up!

In HR consulting, I combine attentiveness, sensitivity and empathy with many years of experience in management and my entrepreneurial mindset . A vigilant mind and an eye for the essentials help me cast my clients' wishes into a practical concept and implement them step by step proactively and to establish suitable contacts. I see myself as a "sparring partner" in accompanying discussions at management and board level with managers.


Since I spent many years until 2006 in the management of various groups and companies, I know the processes, procedures, personal relationships and ways of thinking in these structures from my own experience and can understand the thoughts and wishes of my candidates, as well as the search motivation and ideas of my clients very well. 

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These are my strengths



With my authentic, committed manner and my honest interest in people, I can quickly and confidently enter into a conversation with you. This is my special strength. Through my engaging way of conducting a conversation and my life experience, as well as enough  distance, I can quickly assess who can successfully work with whom. 

Application documents will only be shared after agreement in advance. We will assure you of this at any time - also in writing.

On the other side, our clients can count on our discretion, if the company's name is not disclosed and the search is initially only to be conducted undercover.

Before every search, an exact briefing is important for success. What are the company's strategic plans when hiring a new personality (IPO, acquisition, spin-off, split, sale, etc.), what is the motivation for the search or why is the new executive being sought and what are his or her tasks, in which processes is his/her area of responsibility integrated.


Also who and how the colleagues are, to which committees or persons reports are made, what problems there might be (everything is strictly confidential!), is important if the new recruitment is to be a success, because this is the only way to ensure that I can identify the right person (or persons). 

That's how I do it

My clients appreciate my proactive and efficient professionalism. Throughout the entire executive search, I support my clients with advice and assistance and drive the process forward. The first thing I do is to prepare a project plan, including a schedule and deadlines, which clearly and transparently shows how I will exactly proceed. All search channels and steps, such as advertising, direct approach, selection of suitable candidates and personal interviews are fixed in the project plan.
Candidate selection: I suggest a larger or smaller number of executives, depending on the market situation and your needs. This can be a wider selection of persons if the position has been newly created and you are not yet fully clear about the concrete profile of the person for the job. It may be fewer people if you have already a very precise idea of the person you are looking for.

Job interviews: Upon request, I accompany or moderate the interview and give you my detailed assessment afterwards. With my practiced eye, I swiftly recognize who is likely to succeed in the job and to fit the corporate culture.

Just a word about salary negotiations: Negotiations have often proven to be smoother when I am involved. I can facilitate them because I know the expectations of both sides and I am independent. In the event of initial major differences, I can intervene as a mediator and prevent an early failure of the negotiations. 

At the end of the process, there is the hiring of the candidate. I can also advise you on this and even beyond.


I am married, have a son (15) and have lived in Cologne for many years.  

After studying economics and receiving my diploma, I spent a few years in chartered accountancy firms, before I went on to become head of accounting and commercial manager in industry and business, where I spent a long time. After I got the feeling that I had learned everything that can be learned in these areas, I became interested in more and wanted to build and run my own company. In 2006 I therefore founded innConsult GmbH as a company in the headhunting sector. 

I like to go to the opera and love classical music as much as rock music, I am interested in art and culture, I travel and love bike tours lasting several days, I like to play Clash of Clans with my son every now and then and I am interested in politics, companies and markets. More personal informations about me can be found on Facebook from time to time.

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